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Conservation book supports

(also known as book rests or book cradles)

Book supports for the presentation of books in exhibitions

Book supports are a constant feature of preservation in exhibitions in museums, archives and libraries where they serve important technical and aesthetic functions. They were the subject of the diploma thesis of Hanka Gerhold completed at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart in 2012. Out of this thesis grew the soon to be published handbook (in German with glossary terms in English).

The Book behind this web link

The German-language publication expected 2017, purchase information will be updated on this website.

Hanka Gerhold, Michaela Brand. Schön präsentiert, sicher gehalten: Buchstützen für die Präsentation von geöffneten Büchern in Ausstellungen. Mit Beiträgen von Jan Matheas, Katharina Mähler und Irene Brückle. Hrsg. Irene Brückle unter redaktioneller Mitarbeit von Katharina Mähler. On Paper, Stuttgart: Förderverein Papierrestaurierung Stuttgart.

The ca. 100-page, illustrated handbook explains the principles and use of book supports and the deformation and stresses that books experience when opened. The catalogue features 18 book supports made of foam, textile, cardboard, plastics, and metal; they are explained by their construction, production, use and characteristics.

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Sharing information about book supports

If you are working as a professional conservator or exhibition mount maker and are interested in sharing your ideas about book supports, please contact us: info@foerderverein-papierrestaurierung.de

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