Förderverein | Papierrestaurierung | Stuttgart

Table of Contents

  1. About this book Hanka Gerhold
  2. General preservation requirements for book exhibitions Hanka Gerhold
  3. Opening a book as a cause of deformation Hanka Gerhold, Katharina Mähler, Irene Brückle
  4. Opening a book as a cause of stress Jan Matheas
  5. Opening a book: examples of deformation and stress Hanka Gerhold, Katharina Mähler, Irene Brückle
  6. Handling and conservation examination of books Hanka Gerhold
  7. Adjustments of the opened book Hanka Gerhold
  8. Construction parts and functional elements of book supports Hanka Gerhold
  9. Measurements on the opened book Hanka Gerhold
  10. Adjustment of the book on the book support Hanka Gerhold
  11. Aids for fixing the book on the book support Hanka Gerhold

Catalog Hanka Gerhold, Michael Brand

  1. Book supports made of foams
    1. The book support system according to Clarkson
    2. The Munich book rests
  2. Book supports made of textile
    1. The roll-formed book rests
    2. The book pillow
  3. Book supports made of cardboard
    1. The Wolfenbüttel book rest
    2. The Wolfenbüttel book rest with Kasemake
    3. The Berlin book rest
    4. The Kassel book rest
  4. Book supports made of plastics
    1. The tube-shaped book rest
    2. The Marbach book rest
    3. Book rests made of Vivak®
    4. The Benchmark Butterfly Bookmounts
    5. The Copenhagen book rest
  5. Book supports made of metal
    1. The Ehrler book rest
    2. The Nuremberg book rest
    3. The book rest of the Deutsches Historisches Museum
    4. The id3d book rest
    5. the FY book rest
  6. Other examples of book supports


  1. Precursors of modern book supports
  2. Publications on the development of the modern book supports
  3. Criteria for the selection of modern book supports
    Book rest materials: ageing characteristics and suitability for temporary or permanent exhibition
    Book supports: primary function for horizontal or inclined presentation
    Book supports: cost, production time (own production)
  4. Materials and suppliers
    Materials for the production of book supports
    Suppliers of book supports